Celebrities who Wore White Prom Dresses

The prom is the night when it all happens. It is an evening of maturity, of growing up, and most importantly, of excitement and fun. When the big night arrives, wearing white prom dresses may be something that you’ve told you shouldn’t do, however, those naysayers couldn’t be more wrong. The decision to wear a white prom dress is a personal one, but one that has many perks that you will appreciate. In addition, many celebrities have chosen to wear white Prom Dresses to their high school events.

Danielle Fischel and Lance Bass attended their high school prom together. For the event, Danielle chose a white two-piece, split leg, backless cross-tie white dress.  She looked great, despite many awkward-internet pics of the couple.

Taylor Swift is a name that needs no introduction. The singer attended her high school prom in Tennessee wearing a beautiful white gown. The dress was floor-length and sleeveless and certainly flattering to the tall frame of Swift.

Halle Berry is a beautiful actress whom has had songs written about her, filled many women with envy, and attracted a wide range of men. It is no wonder why she was selected Prom Queen at her prom, where she wore a shape-flattering white dress.

These are just a handful of the many celebrities that chose to wear white to their prom. It is a versatile color that is fun to work with and perfect for year-round wear. It may very well be the perfect color for your prom dress, too!

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